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ZaporeaZ means “full of flavour” in Basque language, with this in mind, Ana Gabriela Serra created in 2014 a company centered to Eno-Gastronomy, a pathway to discover the local culture through the art of good dining and drinking in the Northern Spain’s Basque Country and La Rioja regions.

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Amaia and Maria of Basque heritage, we both holding a degree in Tourism from Deusto University, San Sebastian. We used to work along with Gabriela at Zaporeaz, as a tour guides, we are now the new managers at the company.

Our passion for our own Country, Culture, the Basque Language, Gastronomy, Rural Sports… has lent us to share our passion and knowledge with anyone who wants to explore our region and private-personalized experiences, specifically designed for gastronomy and wine lovers, whether for leisure, professional development, or a mix of the two of them.



The Zaporeaz Experience

ZaporeaZ offers a number of set gourmet and wine routes, allowing guests to enjoy their own personalized experience. Each tour is private, led by a bilingual guide, includes private transportation, and features engaging activities designed to enable visitors to truly immerse themselves with Northern Spain’s gastronomic culture.

Personalized tours allow you to design your own adventures in wine tasting, cooking classes, local culture, traditional markets and history. With the help of local chefs and sommeliers, they’ll increase your understanding of this fantastic destination in a deeply personal way.

Additionally, each tour can be enhanced with a number of extras such as hiking the St. James way or Ignatian way,  hot air ballooning over La Rioja, boat trips and other outdoor adventures. ZaporeaZ can also organize reservations for restaurants and spas and arrange airport transfers and transportation throughout the Spanish and French Basque Country.

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