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ZaporeaZ means “full of flavour” in the Basque language (Euskera). Founded in 2013, is a company centred on

Culinary & Wine Tours in Northern Spain’s Basque Country and La Rioja region.

Ana Gabriela Serra                                                         Maria Erdozia
Founder & Owner                                                           Owner & Guide

About ZaporeaZ ‘s Founder & Owner: Ana Gabriela Serra
Italo-Brazilian, Gaby is a well-travelled, curious foodie and wine lover. While working as a flight attendant, hotel receptionist, waitress and babysitter in different countries such as Brazil, Italy, England, Spain and the United States, she managed to sustain herself, study and travel during many years. These experiences have given her the ability to speak English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese and also allowed her to graduate in Business Administration from the Grossmont College, San Diego, California in 2010. This diverse and international background along with her career of approximately twenty five years, and her love for travel, wine and food inspired her to found ZaporeaZ in Donostia-San Sebastián (Spain), creating small and intimate personalized Culinary & Wine Tours in Spain´s fascinating Basque Country and La Rioja Region.

About ZaporeaZ ‘s Owner & Guide: Maria Erdozia
Maria is passionate about her traditions. Originally from San Sebastián, she completed her studies and graduated in Tourism from the University of Deusto in San Sebastián. Over the years, while travelling around Europe, living a few years in the UK, meeting different people and discovering other cultures, her knowledge and passion for the travel industry increased. On her return to the Basque Country, as her interest in giving people a taste of her land rose and shone, she decided to share her little treasure of landscape, connecting real food, wine, culture, people, neighborhoods & fun that her land embraces. Her cheerful nature, enthusiasm, genuinity and knowledge have brought Maria to ZaporeaZ to become a very important part of the team.

About ZaporeaZ ´s Experience

ZaporeaZ offers a number of set Gourmet and Wine Routes, allowing guests to enjoy their own personalized experience. Each tour is private, led by a bilingual guide, and includes private transportation, as well as engaging activities designed to enable visitors to truly immerse themselves in Northern Spain’s gastronomic culture.

Personalized tours allow you to design your own adventures in wine tasting, cookery classes, local culture, traditional markets and history. With the help of local chefs and sommeliers, they’ll increase your understanding of this fantastic destination in a deeply personal way.

Additionally, each tour can be enhanced with a number of extras such as hiking the St. James Way or Ignatian Way, hot air ballooning over La Rioja, boat trips and other outdoor adventures. We also organize reservations for restaurants, spas, airport transfers and transportation throughout the Spanish and French Basque Country.

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