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Cider and «Txotx»

One of the leading characters of the Basque gastronomic culture is cider (sidra) or sagardoa (apple wine in Basque), which is one of the oldest products produced in the Basque Country.

For many years, the Basque country houses have produced cider and nowadays they continue doing so by following the age-old tradition and maintaining the intense call of “txotx”.  It is an experience that is only lived at the local cider houses.

The call of “txotx” is something unique and simply 100% Basque.  In a cider house, when “txotx” starts, it brings smiles and marks the beginning to one of the most fun moments of the whole night.  We pour the cider directly from the barrel o kupela al vaso. “Txotx” consists of sampling and enjoying the different ciders before it is bottled.  We speak with the cider maker about the apple fermentation process. We also appreciate the qualities of this fine drink, tasting the different ciders produced in its natural process.  We share this experience with the rest of the guests in a wonderful and friendly environment since sharing the table is part of the tradition.  The “txotx ritual” embraces a very rich gastronomic culture with a traditional menu that has as one of its stars: La Txuleta! Mmm…

To know a cider house means submerging yourself in the Basque culture.  The experience includes everything from a visit to the apple orchard to the cider house winery to learn about the sagardoa (natural cider), the must production prZaporeaZ in the Baque Countryocess.  It is an authentic experience to go into the Euskal Herria (Basque Country in Basque) cider making culture.

The Gipuzkoa Natural Cider Association in collaboration with the regional tourism entities is getting on board together with cider makers through a series of actions focused on culture, gastronomy, and tourism to lead the way in a push to promote the area.  The association not only hopes to promote tourism in cider houses, but also encourage participation and work together with the touristic resources of the area in order to offer a more complete service to visitors.

The Basque cider route will surely be an experience for those who would like to visit.  These cider houses are located in Guipúzcoa, in Donostia and the following 6 regions: Donostialdea, Tolosaldea, Goierri, Bidasoa-Txingudi, Urola Coast and Urola.

Live a unique experience: get to know the cider houses; the sagardoa (natural cider) production process; its history; apple, must and cider tastings; the real setting and future goals…

Enter into the Gipuzkoa valleys.  Taste the different ciders that are produced with care and knowledge by those that understand this distinguished drink.