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Martin Berasategui

At 7 km from San Sebastián in the small locality of Lasarte, chef Martin Berasategui from San Sebastian, opens the doors of his restaurant to us.

This cook is in love with his land and with 6 Michelin stars under his belt he captivates his guests with his little bites. This time Martin Berasategui receives us to address the fundamental subject in today’s society, child nutrition and why we should change certain habits if we want to avoid the disturbing increase of childhood obesity.  This is what the expert in eating delicious and healthy food discussed with us:

Martin Berasategui

This is a subject we need to delve into. When you are a child, you are like a sponge and ¨you let yourself go¨. It is when you learn everything and everything is whatever your surroundings are. Better said, as you age and you grow, in one form or another you are depending on what you have absorbed from your environment and in your childhood.

Today, children are increasingly obese. Let the truth be told!  We already know the reason why and where we must act. It is very simple. Let´s teach children how to eat. If we teach them as children, we will create the first generation of children that teach their own parents how to eat.

A huge amount of illnesses comes from bad nutrition; plain and simple!  How to resolve this? Getting to the root of the problem. What is the root? Where is the solution? Children. Who is responsible to help them? We are.

People say that the worst thing for your health are drugs, alcohol, smoking…Yes, it is!  How about unhealthy food, what!?

I am one that thinks that if we do not do it, it is because we do not want to. It is not ineptitude. One does not do it because they are not interested.

Martin Berasategui

On the other hand, the country that is a pioneer in teaching children how to eat well is going to be the most competitive country and with less healthcare expenses, for example. Salmonetes con sepia – Martin Berasategui think that for a country, it is much more interesting that a child runs, plays, and does all of that so that when he or she reaches the moment of adulthood, they do not have health problems and can enjoy life, above all.

First, your health and then you can enjoy yourself! Good nutrition will give you a smile.

For children who grow up in a different way in how you and I were raised, they need to learn how to eat in school, they need information about this topic.

I think that one of the most important school classes that a child can have is food, nutrition and dietetics.

And this is where the chefs and nutrition specialists come in.  They have to be side by side, all together.  Donostia – Food San Sebastian Martin Berasategui. The nutrition specialists, those who know what we have to eat, and chefs, who know how to prepare good things, so that children look forward to eating and enjoy every bite. A child that eats well today is going to be infinitely more competitive tomorrow.  They are going to have other sparks of interest, other joys and other dreams to fill their life with projects.  And when these children grow, they are going to return to teach the nutrition specialists and the chefs from who they have learned, that’s how it is!

Martin Berasategui

A Little More About Martin

Your great passion (outside the kitchen): The City of San Sebastián

A Word: Authentic.
A Food: Hake kokotxa (fleshy part of the hake jaw, considered a delicacy).
A Smell: Olive oil.
A Flavor: San Sebastián’s.

I was going to ask about a place, but you already responded : )

A Memory: Bodegón Alejandro, where I was born and where I lived.
An experience: Zuberoa in Oiartzun, every time that I have been there, it has been fantastic.
An Example of a Person: Hilario Arbelaitz.
A Special Day: A day in San Sebastián.
Gastronomical Societies: A distinct and unique way to see the Basque gastronomy. It is where you enjoy. We all have a joyful part and a society that is a place where one can take in all this yourself. A place where you go and you are yourself because you are Martin Berasategui with people that you love; friends for a lifetime.

Today’s plan, one you do not want to change in your life.

My family, my team, my way of enjoying my profession, I do not want to change any of it. I love all this.  Today, I practically do what I did when I was 15 years old.  I get up with a desire to have a good time; to fill my life with projects, being a good professional; to make those who is by my side enjoy.  I´m meticulous and disciplined, I like to coordinate details and I am not satisfied with the things that come out well. I do go beyond what I look for, excellence. It is something that I and others enjoy in order to improve previous things. This is what I do not want to change because it is what maintains my spark, my happiness and my liveliness.

The one that has to change is the one that does not like, the one that does not enjoy, the one that does not desire.  Life is much shorter than what we would want it to be.

Martin Berasategui