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Pintxos route

Pintxos are a Basque culinary art form, the northern Spanish version of tapas.

A Pintxo Route is a traditional, fun and delicious way of eating, very different from other parts of the world.
Each bar has its own specialty. The tradition is to have a pintxo with a txikito (glass of local wine, cider or beer) in one bar before moving on to the next.

How it works:

First, we go to the bar where the most emblematic pintxo of San Sebastián was created. Then, we will hop from bar to bar for a total of six, sampling each bar’s specialty paired with a glass of wine. Your guide takes care of the ordering, according to your preferences.

Includes: 6 pintxos + 6 wines & cultural commentary while walking from bar to bar.

Duration: 3 – 4 hours.
Dinnertime: Starts at 7:00pm or Lunchtime: Starts at 1:00pm
Routes are private.
Available for vegetarians.
Children are welcome.

Fusion Pintxo Route

An excellent combination of tradition and avant-garde cuisine.

Value: 95€ / per person

Special discount for solo travelers and groups greater than 4 people.

Pintxos tour


San Sebastian Pintxos Route

Traditional Pintxo Route

The most classic bars and pintxos. To immerge yourself in the local traditions.

Value: 95€ / per person

Special discount for solo travelers and groups greater than 4.


 Pintxo Route San Sebastián

Basque tours

San Sebastián Bike & Fusion Pintxos Route

To start… Bike route to discover “off the radar” spots around the city (2 hrs of easy riding).
After the Bike Route… Time to explore the heart of the Old Quarter on foot and have a Fusion Pintxo Route.
Value: 120€ / per person

Bike tour San Sebastian

Bike Route


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