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Wine and Food Pairing

A pathway to discover the Basque culture through the art of fine dining and drinking.

Basque Savoring

Tasting menu prepared 100% with products Made in the Basque Country.

Five of the most emblematic Basque dishes paired with five Basque wines.

Are you open to new flavors?


Tasting sessions



Tasting sessions San Sebastian

One-Bite Delicacy

Tasting menu prepared exclusively using the traditional technique of grilling over coals from local wood.

Five courses paired with five Basque wines.


Zelai Txiki tasting

Tasting sessions Zelai Txiki

* Remember that all of our Wine & Food Pairings take place in the Restaurant Zelai Txiki, one of the most traditional restaurants in San Sebastián, and are complemented by a private server who explains the ingredients and elaboration of each plate, as well as the origin and characteristics of each wine.

Value: 110€ per person.
Minimum of 2 people. Special discount for solo travelers and groups greater than 3.
Around 3 hours.
Tasting notes and a guided tour of the kitchen and vegetable garden.

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